Tshikovha Graduates Academy is a South African Based Non-Profit Organisation.

We believe in empowering young people to effectively alleviate dire poverty and distribute wealth among disadvantaged communities in South Africa.



We improve the socio-economic status of disadvantaged communities.

Through skills development and job creation for young graduates, through community-driven moral regeneration programmes, we improve peoples’ lives.



We work with the government, local communities and like-minded corporate and non-profit organisations.

We work as a catalyst to accelerate effective and sustainable responses to socio-economic imbalances within disadvantaged communities in South Africa.


Empowering Communities

Our programmes and events are aimed at empowering communities to navigate through their transformational journey towards sustainable future.

We work to reframe the thinking and innovative process of our graduates and entrepreneurs, to broaden possibilities and developing alternative scenarios of their vision to create sustainable opportunities.

We achieve our wok through the following strategic objectives:

  1. Promote human development through sustainable job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people in environmental science, waste recycling and litter collection, agriculture, mining, engineering, biodiversity, water management and climate change sectors;
  2. Promote skills development among young people through job placement opportunities after graduating from Universities;
  3. Spearhead the development and implementation of effective and sustainable social labour plans among mining houses for a clean and healthy environment;
  4. Champion sustainable Corporate Social Investments (CSI) to effectively respond to communities’ socio-economic needs.
  5. Host annual conferences to foster meaningful collaboration and Corporate Social Investment that responds to important communities’ needs.
Theory of Change

Diagram 1

Theory of Change, we provide an illustration of how we respond to socio-economic problems in collaborations with our partners within a community.


Join over 200 young people whom we have helped thus far

Take advantage of the entrepreneurship opportunities in environmental science, waste recycling and litter collection, agriculture, biodiversity, water management and climate change sectors.