South Africa is a country with opportunities

South Africa is a country with opportunities that are not easy to identify and tap into. The economy is struggling to create jobs and politics are not helping to stabilise confidence for investment and expenditure. Each year, treasury receives billions that could not be spent by government institutions at various levels and that leads to questions on why money could not be spent and the answers are not forth coming.

Each year budgets are allocated and government officials have KPIs and KPAs which are aligned to institutional visions. What happens in the middle of the financial year remains a mystery. Credit ratings continue to search for poor performing area putting pressure on investors. Without expenditure, there are no jobs and the human infrastructure remain frustrated with a hope to get a job everyday

Taking closer look to market and consider the challenges

Taking closer look to market and consider the challenges that are faced in South Africa, most of the things are self-inflicted. Crime and corruption have become the worst enemy of progress. There have been several commissions with legal heads paid millions on invoice on time yet findings a less objective. The fees that has been swindled could have created much needed jobs

Poor control in professional environment has led to unqualified people being employed and they are resistance and incompetence and such paint a gloom picture for the future. Graduates exposed to interns are met with resistance for change and they are not assisted to grow experience but made administers who never deserve anything. It is unfortunate many graduates when receiving the stipend payment, they forget the objective of exposure and experience

The narrative that many Universities produce unemployable graduates has two narratives and that stand to be challenges namely; some graduates are ignorant of their course content and study to pass and when exposed to work they have no clue of what they are solving, secondly some graduates just lack experience on actual job activities but they give their all and they can be readily trained without efforts. This narrative has left graduates with less hope of employment and they default to entrepreneurship where they want to do their own things without bosses leading to failure and frustration as entrepreneurship requires skills and mentorship.

There is no best wat to close the gap of employment by setting reasonable target for expenditure and absorption of skilled graduates and unskilled community members in service programmes. Challenges facing the communities are many and they can be solved within objective of clean environment, service to people and local job creation. This can reduce overreliance on international investment and reduce migration from rural areas to urban in search fro better infrastructure and services.  Quality service can only come out of quality education and relevant expertise and that can be achieved through collaboration from all sectors.

Talk is often cheap and hurtful when all parties excuse themselves from actual problems of the country. There is no sanity in blame and if political leaders claim to be for the people about the people, issues pertaining people development from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations will not be ignored. The country is facing real challenges and they all need authentic leadership, ethical decision, humanity in the forefront of decision making and engagements with objectivity.

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