Corporate Social Investment Projects

We partnered with 15 corporations and entrepreneurs to respond to the following communities’ needs:

  • Provided training and development skills for about 250 graduates to prepare them for the corporate world;
  • Provided bursaries for 35 pupils;
  • Drilled over 200 boreholes in five provinces during the nationwide drought in 2015 and 2016;
  • Built 2 houses for child-headed homes; and
  • Provided 10 computers for the School of Environmental Sciences in University of Venda.


We believe in honesty, great work ethics and skills development among young people will go a long way in contributing to redistribution of wealth in poor communities.

We respond to the government’s call to community engagements and participation in responding to socio-economic needs of our communities.

We work with government, local communities and like-minded corporate and non-profit organisations to identify community challenges and formulate strategic solutions to address them.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Annual Graduates and Entrepreneur Empowerment Conference

We have hosted two annual conferences, the first annual conference was held in Pretoria 2017. It was predominately attended by graduates with an estimated number of 270 graduates and 20 entrepreneurs.

The second annual conference was held in Nkomazi in 2018, 224 graduates attended with 26 business representative and 20 corporate world representatives.

Partnerships and Collaborations Potential Benefit
Development and Implementation of
SLP Implementation/ Corporate Social Investments/Infrastructure Development & Community Stakeholder Mapping
Compliance to B-BBEE Strategy (Bursaries/CSI, Skills Development/ Infrastructure Development/Enterprise and Supplier Development) Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals Compliance to Environmental Legislations Access to Graduates Employment Contribute to Business Incubation, Enterprise Development Access to Stakeholder Mapping, Community Engagements, Engagement for Local Economic Development Programmes Contribute to Presidential Investment Summit Goals
Youth Employment Services Initiative Goals
Contribute to Job Creation through Environmental, Waste, Agriculture, Conservation and support Access to Schools/Teachers/ Leaders/ Community & Human Development programmes
Mining Houses X X X X X X X X X X
District and Local Municipalities X X X X X X X X
Department of Environmental Affairs/Water and Sanitation/Public works/Small Business Development X X X X X X X X
Department of Small Business and Development X X X X X X X
Donors and inventors X X X X X
Non-profit organisations X X X X X X X X


We are a movement, a crusade and a revolution about human development. We create platforms for information sharing by building our people and capacity to think bigger.

We are building, in our people, the capacity to think bigger than the problems their communities are facing. We are instilling the much-needed courage on the community members to trust their ability to solve their problems.

We Change Your Perspective Through Information Sharing ~ You Change Your Life Choices The Graduates and Entrepreneur Empowerment Conference was created as a platform for Graduates, Entrepreneurs and Government, Corporate Executives to share the challenges and experiences they’ve encountered in pursuit of their successes.

We enhance our attendees’ perspective of what they can accomplish in their lives by hand selecting speakers whom they can associate with, grew up with similar upbringings, and look like them. This Inspiring full-day event enforces TWO key messages:

You can do the same! & Here is how you can do it!

We Empower you to think about life beyond its current predicaments.

We Motivate you to realize and believe in your potential.

We Inspire you to go after your dreams.

We provide opportunity for Engagements through Conferencing, Summits, Workshops and Implementation



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We ensure our clients are able to improve their business targets on community investments and services annually through our ability to bring all stakeholders on board and work on similar information and purpose driven strategy as a result of public involvements in planning.


Join over 200 young people whom we have helped thus far

Take advantage of the entrepreneurship opportunities in environmental science, waste recycling and litter collection, agriculture, biodiversity, water management and climate change sectors.