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Graduates and Entrepreneurs often say there are no opportunities and when they are looking for jobs they look for those written names of what they study or what they are interested in. It would be befitting for a graduates in Environmental Science to search for Environment to find relevant job. It is befitting for an Entrepreneur is logistics to search for logistic in order to find tender.

Let me tell you, within the industry there are opportunities for every type of a career path. Let me make example of Waste Management, there is logistics for transporting waste, there is IT opportunity in E-Waste, there is Communication in waste, there is Journalism in waste, there is reporting in waste, there is Control and compliance in waste, there is occupational hygiene in waste, there is awareness in waste, there is treatment in waste, there is mechanical in waste, there is chemical in waste, there is investigations in waste, there is assessment and classification in waste and yet waste is not an Environmental Parameter. What waste does on any Environmental Parameters requires attention in any way.

Follow your instincts

Having said that, I want to draw your attention to the advert we issues as Tshikovha Graduates Academy. The advert is calling upon graduates to register in the database and we supplied specific email (info@tshikovhaacademy.org.za) yet you will find young graduates and entrepreneurs asking what kind of opportunities, will the programmes be in my area or not. Importance is to be in a database and stand a chance of being called and placed when the opportunity arises and also being part of engagements we often do.

Being a graduates and you do not know where to find a job is hard and it is really sad yet it is better when there are some organisations willing to help. Our Chairman has worked in bakery and delivered newspapers before he got a job and he always say, he is fulfilled by the trust bestowed on him by graduates but he can only reward the trust by helping the graduates and entrepreneurs do better than what he did.

  • Never underestimate the power of opportunities and hope there will be one designed for you.

  • It is what you do today that will reward you with what you need in future.

  • Always stick to what possible employers wants you to do.

  • Copy email they give not any other.

  • Do what they ask not everything you think is worth it.

  • Be patient and be loyal to yourself. Don’t look in the name but in the activity.

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