When I was 21 years old armed with a degree in Environmental Sciences from University of Venda for Science and Technology, I did not know where to find a job and worse even if I were to find a job I wouldn’t know what is my role. Sounds ignorant right? Well, I was born in a rural village, went to rural schools and rural university or say previously disadvantaged institutions of learning, so are many South Africans. The need for education was essential but most studied to pass which we did exceptionally.

In those years , we cared for each other and we were truly raised by community. My friend took me to Matholesville to work at a bakery in Roodeport. Tough decision for a graduate. I was taken to replace a brother to help my uncle to deliver newspapers house to house in North cliff, Bedfordview, Kempton Park and several areas around Johannesburg. Someone saw me and out of curiosity asked why do I do what I was doing, I replied there are no jobs. Some day during rain, I asked management in a letter why do we deliver newspaper when they are wet and proposed we cover them with plastics. Recognizing my efforts I was taken in to train as a cadet reporter and worked for Caxton West Rand newspapers.

Within a year the person who was curiously asking why I do what I do referred me to a company in Wesgate and I never looked back. I landed my first job in Environmental Studies in Randburg through a friend in 2003 around June. I relished the experience that prepared me to be what I became. In all jobs I did, time was the most precious time and you never miss instructions because ones you miss them you make poor bread or you miss timelines

2005 someone opened my entrepreneurial eyes because at work I was good at communication and spotting opportunities. I learnt writing proposal at very young age and being a Reporter taught me better communication skills. Later 2007 I left my job for my first company with solely intention to be the catalyst for Environmental graduates to be exposed to Environmental field. I intended serving market that companies I worked for considered risk and could not help. Fast forward we have done work for big corporates like Eskom, Sasol, Transnet, Kangra Coal, Cullinan Mine, Siyanda Resources, and Government from national to local. Through our work we assisted over 300 graduates to find their way to their careers. It became unsustainable on profit company.

In 2016, Tshikovha Graduates Academy was born. The birth meant we will work to resolve community social and environmental challenges working with graduates so they get experience and move on to do what they dream about. We host conferences to bring in institutions, private companies, mining houses and government to engage graduates and entrepreneurs and share opportunities and processes to be part of their workforce and suppliers. We invite mentors in various fields to assist with personal and professional development skills for graduates and entrepreneurs

With South Africa becoming more and more aware of their challenges, we are looking ahead to partner with government, business, mining houses, private institutions, donors to help find solutions to environmental challenges, jobs, business opportunities and create a sustainable economy for our country. We are a national organization and we are able to implement programmes in all provinces. Our immediate response area are drought, water pollution, conservation, environmental management, waste management and recycling, water services, education and awareness, business skills and incubation, skills development and alternation local economic development through implementation of Social labour plans and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

We have a team that is capable and we know in working together we become more sustainable:

To engage us, contact Moudy Mudzielwana at moudy.mudzielwana@tshikovhaacademy.co.za

check our website on www.tshikovhaacademy.org.za

Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana